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Although I loved teaching, I retired from giving workshops in late 2013. Instead, I have been  working on a series of Teaching Videos, and Volume 1 was released in early 2015. It contained two DVDs, - almost 2 1/2 hours of informative fun, about two major aspects of landscape quilt making; - “SKIES” and “BACKGROUNDS”. 

DVDs number 3 ( “WATER” ) and 4 ( “FOLIAGE”) were ready in January this year, and now the series is complete, with DVD5 ( “ Trees” ) and DVD6 ( “ Foreground” ).

These DVDs, - totaling almost 8 1/2 hours of video, are packed with easy-to-follow techniques and skills, that give you a whole new insight in creating textile art. It is focused on creating landscapes, but the techniques can be used for vitually any kind of textile work. They cover topics like selecting and altering fabrics, using paint & coloring sticks, heat stressing, discharging and other surface embellishment, achieving perspective and balance, fussy cutting and stabiliser options, invisible machine applique and bobbin drawing techniques, machine embroidery and my “wiggle-wiggle” free motion edge stitching. 

The first 4 DVDs also has a short “In Kay’s Kitchen” segment each, with a fun and delicious family recipe, just for your enjoyment. 

These are short YouTube introductions to the videos:

Volume 1: DVDs 1 and 2

DVDs 3 and 4:

DVDs 5 & 6:

If you are interested in buying the  videos, please e-mail me on khaer@bigpond.net.au  

The first two DVDs come in one case as "Volume 1", but the remaining DVDs (3-6) can be purchased separately, if you wish. The price when purchased from me is AU$40 for Volume 1 and AU$20 per DVD for the rest. Postage is additional, and depends on your country of purchase.

NOTE: We have decided to thank those that buy all the DVDs from us,

 by giving them the final DVD (#6) for free…...

                                         I hope you will enjoy the videos 


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