Enchanted Journey - December 1998

                74" x 54"

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Enchanted Journey -  2012 image


  • Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza - 1999 (Honourable Mention)
  • Quilters' Heritage Show, Lancaster PA - 1999 (Viewers' Choice)
  • AQS Quilt Show, Paducah KY - 1999
  • Schweinsfurt "Quilts=Art=Quilts", NY  - 1999 (2nd Place Traditional)
  • Smoky Mountain Quilt Show, Knoxville TN - 2000 (Hon. Mention Best Landscape, Viewers' Choice)
  • Canada International Quilt Show - 2000 (1st Place Pictorial, Viewers' Choice)
  • New Jersey Quilt Odyssey - 2001 (1st Place Wall Quilt)

It was a magical and inspiring moment when I found myself in the midst of a fluttering migration of thousands of Monarch butterflies. With this quilt, I wanted the setting to be realistic while still capturing the misty, joyful, almost frivolous mood. 


Published in "Canadian Quilter", American Patchwork", and "New Zealand Quilter"

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