Free Flight - January 2004

                   191/2" x 271/2"    (50 x 70cm)

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Free FLight6


  • The Quilters Guild of NSW, Inc Quilt Show, Sydney - 2004
  • Australasian Quilt Convention and Expo - 2005 (NSW Selection)

My first owl quilt was made almost 8 years earlier, and was in many ways a turning point in my work. I have always wanted to make another, but now that I live in Australia it obviously needed an Australian setting. The snow gums of Mt Kosciusko inspired me to this view. A lot of miniature techniques were used in this quilt for the fine details. Fabrics are primarily cotton, with satin, wool and silk in places. Wool yarn and silk decorative thread is also used. The fabric is partly dyed and painted by me, partly commercial, with some paint and stenciling. Machine and hand embroidery was used for surface embellishment. 


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