Artist Profile

We have a very international household. Growing up in unspoiled New Zealand, I developed a strong love of nature, which I share with my Norwegian-born husband  Bård. We have lived in several European countries, and in Pennsylvania, USA, for 20 years. That was where my quilting journey started....and it is now well into another phase with our family move to Australia, continuing our International lifestyle.  Our son David was born in England, and is now here in Australia with us

Nature is a constant source of inspiration for me. There I find endless variety of shape and texture, all with its own innate logic of geometry and coloration. My quilts are often intricately realistic in detail, and require a lot of research.

After more than 20 years of quilting,  this whole field is more fascinating than ever. It even seems to change faster all the time, with new ideas and means of expression,- stretching the borders and embracing the entire creative spectrum. 

Art Quilts are my passion today, and my development has taken me from traditional quilts to pictorial quilts, miniatures and abstract, with an emphasis on surface embellishment. I have no formal art or textile training, but I sure have been to a great school of experience. Until recently, I have also enjoyed teaching, which has been remarkably rewarding - and while I no longer conduct workshops, I have started the process of making a series of teaching videos, on what I do and how I do it. 

I have been very fortunate; many of my quilts have been award winners at Local, National and International exhibits, and have been published in premier quilt magazines. The best part is that Bård shares my love of quilting. He is a constant influence on my work, and while he doesn't sew, he enjoys being part of the whole process.

I enjoy being with family and friends, and when I am not quilting, I spend time gardening, traveling, cooking and listening to music, all of which I share with my husband.  When he isn't working with me on a quilt, he is a keen sailor, and enjoys reading and working on his computers. He was also the photographer for the Sydney Quilt Show (a lot of work) which he thoroughly enjoyed.

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