Kay D. Haerland

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Creating a Realistic Landscape Quilt

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This two- or three-day class is suitable for enthusiastic beginners and up, in groups of up to 15 people.

This fun workshop will teach you my step-by-step approach to designing and making a realistic landscape quilt. You will be using one of my patterns, so you can spend more time on the finishes and embellishments. The purpose of the class is for you to learn key techniques and concepts for design, fabric selection, assembly and embellishment, working with a small format of approximately 45x35 cm (18 x 14 in.). 

The class will cover important elements such as perspective and light. You will also learn to give realism and life to your quilt by adding additional natural features such as trees, shrubs, rocks etc. as well as more detail, using embellishment techniques like fussy cutting, invisible machine appliqué and different edging finishes.

I will show how to achieve great textures and a tactile look using a variety of materials (like tulle, velvet, plastic, lace, wool strands etc), and techniques like threadwork, stenciling and other usage of paint. This will enable you to explore these techniques in the workshop or in your future quilt projects. 

In the 3-day class there is more time for you to practice all the things I cover, plus lots of additional techniques for surface embellishment, fine detail free motion quilting and working with water-soluble stabilizer.

Notes for completion are available if desired.

The landscape quilts you see on this website are all good examples of how I employ these techniques in my work.

 Please contact me if you are interested, to discuss potential classes