Pictorial Wall Quilts:

Pictorial Quilts are very special to me. I have a great love of Nature in its infinite variety, and I feel strongly that this Earth of ours is constantly threatened and needs our support. Underlying concepts in my quilts are perspective and a sense  of peace, light and tranquility.


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2011   138x111cm

Lake Mulwala

2010   90x80cm




2010    69 x 24     177cm x 61cm

Geometrus (Triptych)
Each 43 x 28  -  110 cm x 71cm


Under The Canopy
2010    61 x 47  154x119cm 


A Different View
May 2007     (60"x48.5")


Aspen Grove
May 2008     (52"x54")



A Moment in time
June 2008     (27"x20")


   Sisters on the Course
    2011    27"x 22"   70cm x 57cm



      January 2001  (47" x 31")



    Trekking Sisters
     2011   30" x  21"    78cm x 55cm




Lying in the Grass
September 2003      (38" x 31")











The Mount Cook Trolls
January 2001     (57"x36")

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Zen Garden Sunrise
January 1998     (84"x54)