Capital Outlook - 2013

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Capital Outlook 90x171cm full - Kay Haerland - Canberra 2013


  • Gosford Art Prize - 2013 
  • Sydney Royal Easter Show - 2014

In 100 years Canberra has evolved from a concept and a plan, destined as a place where all the people of this Nation be represented . Grand plans slowly became reality, despite setbacks, funding issues and conflicting opinions.  Ideas became National landmarks, embodiments and expressions of our cultural heritage and our proud history, in peace and at war.

The look and feel of our Capital today incorporates all these elements into a modern, growing city, home to many and a symbol of our Nation to all Australians, - still evolving. A great "Capital Outlook" indeed.

I have chosen an "impressionist" approach to this quilt, as it is the overall essence and impression of our Capital I wanted to capture, and not the realism of specific details. I also chose an aspect and a viewpoint that is never seen from the ground. The internet was a great help in finding all the angles.

The fabrics used were hand-painted cotton, lace, ultra-suede and burnt organza.


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