Dogged Sisters - 2013

                                      72 x 56cm


My quilt "Dogged Sisters" is part of a series of works on the theme of sisterhood, - not as a feminist statement, but as a reflection of my kinship with all women.  The stark silhouettes embrace what we have in common, and yet we are all different, with our own aims, directions and outlook, moving around in our daily lives, at work or at play. Each work in the series shows some different activity.

"Dogged Sisters also touches on our relationship with our pets. I liked the idea of showing the dogs in the same "finery" as the women. Are they on their way to a party or do they dress up every day? -Who knows?

Materials: Lace, Ultrasuede, beads, plastic, paint, bridal-veil Tulle, Cottons, hand-painted Cottons.


© Infinite Monkey & BH