Textiles Across The Tasman (Challenges)

My latest Challenge project is “Textiles Across the Tasman” - a group of patchwork and quilting tutors who have “joined to create a body of work along certain themes and incorporating the Fibonacci principles of proportion”. Otherwise known as the Golden Ratio, or the Golden Mean, this proportion is frequently found in all aspects of the visual arts, and represents a length to width ratio of 1.618. In our case, we have used this ratio to set the shape of our quilts - 8” x 13” -  to give us a framwork for our creativity.

The themes are many and varied, as are the interpretations. If you would like to see more of the group’s work, or find out more about the 1.618 ratio, you can take a look at their website: textilesacrossthetasman.wordpress.com

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