Small/Miniature Quilts

Miniature Quilts are a lot of fun to make. When I have some spare time or I am between major pieces, I often sharpen my skills on miniature quilts. They are also wonderful for developing ideas, concepts and techniques.. Miniature quilts have all the challenges of design and execution of larger quilts, but take considerably less time to do - usually.....


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Bone Fragment
2010 (40x40 cm)

Olympic Pennant
2010  (12"x16")

Metamorphosis 1
September 2007

Just Imagine
August 2007



The Future ahead
and the Past behind us

August 2007




Got My License
2005  (12 x 12)




From Half-Dome
to the Olgas

October 2005 (12 x 12)




  ...a challenge quilt
October 2004 (8 x 7)







June 2000  (24" x 15")